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Formed in the spring of 2011, Group Therapy is now comprised of 4 seasoned musicians with extensive playing experience; Bill Carangelo, drums/guitar; Joe Pacheco, guitar/vocals; Chuck Marshall, keyboard/vocals; and Al Valletta, bass/vocals. All of the musicians in Group Therapy have played in many bands over the years.

Chuck was one of the first members to join the band after being introduced to Bill by a mutual friend. Chuck’s excellent keyboard and vocal skills got the ball rolling. Next to join was Joe. Joe’s guitar playing and vocal ability is second to none and took the band to the next level. After going through several bass players, Al joined and finished off the line up. Al is an extremely talented and accomplished bass player and vocalist who made the band complete. With this lineup, Group Therapy has evolved into a goodtime party band that plays a variety of musical genres including classic rock, funk, blues, country and motown but the focus is always on danceable songs. Group Therapy has been very busy playing over 40 shows in 2012 and is looking forward to continuing to spread the love to audiences all over the tri-state area.

If our playing and singing inspires people to get up and shake what their mommas gave ‘em, then everyone is happy!  That’s the true meaning of our name “Group Therapy” — playing for us is therapeutic, and when people get up to dance the experience becomes therapeutic for them, too! Group Therapy plays clubs, restaurants, private parties, festivals, fairs, weddings and just about anywhere that needs a band that can make it a “PARTY”.

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  1. You guys were great at the Els in Westbrook. Look forward to dancing to you again. If you send out schedules, email me whereyour playing.

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